Out Bond Dialing: ( OBD)

We at VishwaMART are offering the platform for your esteemed organization where you yourself can create your voice campaign and send it to your target audience. Promotional content will be deliver to only nonDND numbers and transactional could be deliver at any number.



Voice SMS Personalization
Record voice over phone.
Upload Mp3 formate voice file.
Create your own OBD.
Scheduled your Voice SMS/ voice campaign.
Real time dDelivery Reports


Interactive Voice Responce System: (Inbound calls)

We at VishwaMART offering the interactive voice response system for your audience. Your audience can get automatic information from the server which will be preloaded in the voice calls. for example call centre of Telecom companies etc.

Who we are?

Adget Media, an offshore Complete Media Solution company providing varied solutions , Advertisements Solution, Mobility Solution, Web Solution, Software Solution, Hardware Solution From 2008, After evaluation, the qualities of the system and employment, delivery schedule, quality work as well as infrastructure, REDIFF.COM and GOOGLE.COM appoint us as a business partner.

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